Starting Off Right with Right at Home

Duration: 25m 15s

Description: Shannon Mitchell, Director of Operational Excellence at Right at Home, provides an informational conversation on the process a prospective franchise owner would go through, from signing your franchise agreement to opening your doors for business. 

The Process

First Touch Point (after the franchise agreement is signed) – When you sign a franchise agreement with Right at Home, a core team works with you to launch your onboarding schedule.  This same team will walk you through the milestones. The onboarding plan helps you get the education, training, templates, and resources required when needed. The team consists of an online marketing specialist, a technology success team member, a project manager, and a business performance coach.

Development Directors – Prospective franchisees work with development directors on education and the approval process leading up to a discovery day.  Discovery Day is when you hopefully are approved for franchise ownership. Franchisees will then transition to a business performance coach. 

Homecare License – The team at Right at Home will guide you through the steps and help you determine if your state requires a homecare license. The cost for the license will vary by state, and on average, it takes approximately 90 to 120 days to acquire.

Training after the Franchise Agreement – Training starts the moment you sign the franchise agreement with establishing compliant operations, creating an online/offline brand presence, and finding the right office space, signage, operating system, and employees. Part of this training process is Residence Week.  This is a week-long training session in Omaha where you learn more about working your daily operating system, scheduling clients and caregivers, and managing your business.

The Doors are Open

After Opening Your Business – The education doesn’t stop after you open your doors. Franchisees continue to receive education and training opportunities. Franchisees are also able to talk with neighboring franchisees.

Peer to Peer Collaborations – One of the most valuable opportunities franchisees receive following the validation process. Networking with your peers, not just during onboarding, but throughout the entire lifecycle of your business is considered a priority in the system. 

Timeline before Transitioning to Performance Coach – Depending on how quickly licensing works in your state and how quickly you progress as an owner, it takes an average of four to six months before you transition to a Business Performance Coach.

Timeline for a Resale Buyer – Jen Chaney explains the process when purchasing an existing franchise, how a management agreement can get put into place, and where you work under the franchise owner’s license while you are getting your license. You will still need to check with your individual state, as each state is different. Even if you are purchasing a resale territory, you will have an onboarding team to help you with your questions.

Discovery Day – An overview of a virtual discovery day session with Right at Home is provided.

Franchisees/Coach Meetings – The onboarding plan is discussed and key conversations are mapped out with Subject Matter Experts, noting the communications plan is individually developed to best support the franchisee through the process.

Franchisee Advice

Advice to a Prospective Franchise Owner –  Prospective franchise owners should rely on the team experts and the coaches who care about their success. Right at Home will provide you with the support structure you need.

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