Caregiver Recruitment and Retention | 7.11.23

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Nikki Holles, VP of Human Resources at Right at Home, works with franchisees as a resource on all information regarding HR compliance,  recruitment and retention that supports their businesses.

Join Nikki and Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, as they discuss how Right at Home supports their franchisee recruitment and retention efforts.

Intro & Background 

Nikki Hollis and her team at Corporate are dedicated to supporting and coaching franchisees on HR issues, which include best practices, providing resources and template tools to use in individual franchises, as well as assisting with employment and labor law compliance issues.

Supporting Franchisees with Caregiver Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Corporate works in a multitude of different ways in different circumstances supporting franchise owners with recruitment and retention issues. One example, Corporate provides access to Preferred Provider vendors. Those are vendors that specialize in one of many areas such as job boards, applicant tracking systems, background check vendors, drug screen vendors, payroll vendors, and electronic onboarding options for applicants. These vendors offer expertise, preferred rates, and robust functionality, and the vendors/software have gone through due diligence, ensuring the functionality is what you would want.

Recruiting Caregivers

Right at Home will help the franchisee understand what is the first thing a new franchisee should do when it comes to recruiting caregivers.  They will walk you through what is the philosophy or culture of the business you want to portray. This is your town and community, and you need to consider the impact that you and your caregivers are making. So it is necessary to understand how to breathe life into your job postings, applications, and training. Employees know their value and want to work for an organization that treats them well and provides training, and opportunities.

Getting Caregivers to Apply

Getting applications from caregivers is a process. There is a place for caregivers to apply online at the individual franchisee’s website. But we also have partnerships with applicant tracking systems and job boards to make the process seamless.

Corporate Support Initiative

It is corporate’s purpose to support the network of franchisees across the US. The Corporate HR team includes four people dedicated to supporting and coaching franchisees on best practices, and providing template tools. Corporate employs a recognized attorney employment firm for attorney-approved templates and labor law compliance info to make it a plug & play experience.

Caregiver Training

Franchisees and their office staff are responsible for establishing and conducting the training necessary for their individual agency. Corporate provides you with the tools for the most robust training you can provide to your staff.

Benefits of Partnering with a Franchise System

Right at Home is a tenured franchise system with tools and templates. Our learning management system is in place for new franchise owners.

Ongoing Education and Retention of  Caregivers

Right at Home can provide the same platforms and partnerships on the retention side, too. We can provide you with access to recognition and reward programs, templated training, and caregiver development and operationalize them to bring it to life in your agency.

The Right at Home Culture

Culture is a very important part of recruiting and retaining employees. Corporate can provide the framework for core values, but you are also able to develop your own. We can help you communicate those values and the culture, as well as put that into branding and recruitment materials.

Stay Informed on Caregiver Issues

Franchisees need to stay up to date on new ways to recruit and retain caregivers. There is never a shortage of opportunities to engage with your business performance coach or subject matter experts. With monthly and weekly meetings, regional meetings, and national conference, you have the chance to discuss issues with your peers or corporate team.

Best Practices

Corporate encourages engagement, conversations, and the exchange of information with your peers – those in your state or region, but also those owners on the other side of the country. 

Retaining Caregivers

Right at Home will help you understand the mindset and psychology behind caregivers, and what’s important to them so you can retain your caregivers longer. We can provide information on what personality types make the best caregivers, and what drives them. We have different programs available to recognize caregiver achievements, as well as sponsor a national caregiver of the year winner, supplying prize money, advertising, and social media.

Know When It’s Time to Hire Your Next Staff Member

Our RightStart Onboarding Process will help map out those staffing milestones and determine if your revenue can allow for that next staff or HR person. We watch your business, your hours, and numbers, and let you know when the time is right.

Caregiver Demand

Caregivers are coming back to work. We’re seeing higher numbers of applications. That’s good news.


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