Executive Update with Right at Home | 2.7.23

Duration: 28m 35s

Description: With 2022 in the books and 2023 already starting strong, Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, talks with Margaret Haynes, CEO of Right at Home, about the outlook for 2023 to take care to a whole new level. The following is a summary of the discussion:

Three-Year Strategic Plan – Focusing on key areas to drive growth, and helping owners get the caregivers they need to support the demand. Margaret noted Corporate is looking at additional operating systems that can enhance the ability to stay connected with an applicant, client, and family. Right at Home has created a new department charged with innovation around the business model and technology. Corporate is also focusing on learning more about the day-to-day experiences of the franchisees. Using company-owned stores as test kitchens, allows us to deal with the same challenges and test out best practices, as well as innovations in a micro setting before rolling it out to franchisees.

Caregiver Recruitment & Retention – Right at Home realizes that there is so much demand for our services, but not an equal amount of caregivers. We help owners recruit and retain caregivers from the start by infusing marketing dollars to help drive applicants through our tracking system, coaching our offices on creating a great experience every step of the way, and engaging early with the applicant, connecting with them and focusing on the culture, the odds of retaining them drastically increase.

Program Testing – Franchisees also help with testing new programs. Right at Home’s Innovation group has a sub-task force made up of franchise owners who are also involved in beta testing. This group, the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC), has 12 franchise owners who help us figure out and participate in strategy development, or provide a review when we’re ready to take a program to a broader level. We also listen to our franchisees. The SLC works very closely on every big decision.

Baby Boomers as Caregivers – Caregivers’ ages can range from 20 to 90 years old. Some local offices have created a “Volunteering with a Paycheck” program that’s an outreach to retired individuals, who may not be ready to be on the golf course all the time and want to give back. A lot of caregivers are baby boomers or those now moving into retirement age, ready to make a different kind of impact on their community.

Access to Tools and Resources – There are tools and resources in our electronic repository or “Hub”. Franchise owners can go access the materials for use for their HR Dept, and Marketing Dept, or gain access to info from third-party partners. Many of the tools are free, but some items do cost. For example, there is a program around profit mastery, and we believe so strongly in the owner understanding their financials and the health of their business, we have it available at a cost, but they can take the course as many times as they would like.

Participation in Aging Programs – The corporate office does support the local Meals on Wheels in Omaha and delivers every Friday. Across the franchise network, local offices absolutely may engage or participate with their area Offices on Aging.

Corporate Support – This is provided to the franchisee from the moment you start engaging with our brand, talking with our development team, or learning about the brand. Right at Home wants to make sure you’re getting all the support needed to make an informed decision and decide this is the business you want to get involved with. Support is provided throughout the lifecycle. As a business owner, we will be right alongside you, adjusting based on where you are in your journey. Business Performance Coaches work with you through your life cycle and help you continue to grow the business.

Care Credit – This is something that some offices have done, but hasn’t been incorporated across the system.

Owners Helping Owners – This is one of the key benefits of a Franchise Network. Bonds get created from the first training class. There are state and regional meeting scheduled that allows you to engage with your neighbors. There is also the annual meeting called Home Improvement, where all franchisees come together.

Top Challenges facing a New Franchisee – You may feel overwhelmed or stressed, but we provide the training/tools to create your business plan and get it up and running and growing. The majority of franchise owners may not know home care. We surround them with the knowledge needed, in a way you can go out into your community and talk about the services. Take advantage of the support and really engage with corporate to help you drive success.

Training – There is a one-week training class in Omaha, but you are constantly in training as long as you’re associated with the brand. There are webinars, panels, classes, and tools provided all along the way.

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