If there’s one career path that will put a person in demand and keep them there, it’s being a senior operations manager in the ever-evolving Silicon Valley. For years, Dan Parker lived in the Bay Area and worked in this high-demand field. To any observer, it would appear that Dan Parker was a man with a plan. Then, he met Jill.

When Dan met his future wife, Jill, she was living in Sacramento. There was a lot of commuting in the early stages, but they made it work and eventually married. “I asked her to marry me, and I was relieved when she said ‘yes’ I knew, however, that moving to Sacramento meant I would be changing careers. That’s when I reached out to Diane Pleuss with FranChoice. I learned that the statistics for franchise businesses were far superior to starting a new business from scratch, so Diane helped me with my search for a new opportunity.”

The Parkers settled in Sacramento. They purchased a Right at Home® 10 years ago in January, got married in February, and headed to Omaha for training right after. Jill loves to tell people that Dan took her to Omaha for their honeymoon. “Jill and I were determined to own a business with growth potential. Given the baby boomers were aging, a home care business providing quality care seemed likely to be successful, and we have been able to prove our theory,” Dan said.

The Parkers are passionate about travel. Even though owning a business is hard work, it affords them the flexibility they need to fulfill that passion. “Whether it’s to visit our senior parents or to visit far off places, we definitely like to travel. Owning our Right at Home® franchise has given us the opportunity to create an environment where we can manage to get away, so we definitely do,” Dan said.

Sharing interests and perspectives are paramount in any relationship, which is why Dan is a big believer that the strong, vibrant culture of Right at Home is key to its success. “We are all working hard to ensure that our system is engaged, and growing and I believe that the system’s performance speaks for itself,” said Dan.

Jill was most impressed with the training and was happy to meet like minded people with similar passions. “Training was hands-on, and since it was with small groups of people, you were able to form bonds. Right at Home was the only company that offered 2-week training, and we saw this as a great opportunity to get more experience,” Jill said. Dan and Jill still stay in contact with the people they met in training.

The Parkers embody Success with Significance®, a phrase that has become a cornerstone of the Right at Home franchise. Their passion for serving others and building their business brought their careers and lives to new heights. In fact, Dan and Jill recently returned from Mendocino, CA, where they celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary and 10 years as Right at Home® Franchise Owners. According to Dan, they have made up for missing their honeymoon with trips to Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and even Africa. “Our next stop this spring is Italy. We are so happy we made the decision to acquire the Right at Home franchise. We love the business,” said Dan. One could say that there is nothing but love between the Parkers and Right at Home®.

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