Marketing Your Business with Right at Home | Dawn Drazdys

Duration: 30m 28s

Description: Dawn Drazdys, Chief Marketing Office at Right at Home, talks with Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, explaining the national brand marketing support Right at Home provides to franchisees to market locally. Dawn’s team also heads up special events, such as the Home Improvement Annual Meeting, and President’s Club, where owners are rewarded for hitting their goals.  The following is a summary of the discussion:

Information on Right at Home’s Marketing Fee  Right at Home has a brand fund each franchise contributes to and takes part in. The fee is 2% of the first million, 1% of the second million with a cap of $40,000. No one contributes more than $40,000 unless you’re in two different Designated Marketing Areas (DMA).

What is the President’s Club? The President’s Club is an annual event held as a way to honor and reward our top franchisees in our system for hitting their goals. The event is a complimentary trip for the owner and a guest to enjoy some peace and a little bit of paradise. This year’s event will be held in the Dominican.

Where are Brand Fund dollars spent? Right at Home has a “No franchisee left behind” policy, which means everyone gets a piece of the pie and each activity we do supports every franchisee. We support paid media such as linear TV, connected TV, YouTube videos, digital marketing and Pay per click (PPC) advertising. Our goal is to make people aware of the brand and nurture people down the funnel. It also covers partnerships with for leads, and referral sources.

Does Corporate assist with local public relations? Yes, Corporate partners with Mainland, a PR firm in Chicago & Texas. They will pitch to the local media on your behalf. We also create a pitch package that comes out every month with subject matter, content, flyers, and press release that owners can customize.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) and who pays for that? PPC is paid for out of the Brand Fund. PPC money is used when you do a search for “care near me”, in Google or Bing, and the local franchisee’s information appears under AD. If not under AD, it’s organic, and that means your website information is also working.

Do you help owners market to caregivers? Yes, we use the Brand Fund to focus on caregivers, clients/families, and referral sources, through connected TV, YouTube videos, PPC, and retargeting to visitors to the website. Our HR Dept can provide sample job descriptions, ideas and tips for retention and recruitment, and a playbook. The Brand Folder also has hundreds of collaterals materials and ads available to owners.

Does Corporate need to approve local ads? Brand Folder ads can be customized with your own headline and information. We also partner with an outside designer who you can work with. Brand Fund pays for 60% of that expense. There is also a brand standards guide you can use. We encourage you to have our Marketing Dept review the ad for state compliance.

Can neighboring owners pool funds? Yes, we have created maps with multiple locations, and also ran TV together. We can customize individually for the owners.

When a new location opens, are they provided opening materials? Yes, when you start, you will be provided a kit with business cards, brochures, along with PPC, your website, etc.

Any advice for owners? Go meet with your referral sources. Get out and shake hands or hire somebody who can do that for you. Provide your referrals with customized flyers, brochures, send them info from the pitch packages. Keep your name in front of them.

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