Meet the Family | Holly Holton

Duration: 11m 28s

Description: Holly Holton is a franchise owner in Columbus, Ohio, who purchased a franchise and opened their doors eight months ago. Chuck Prentner, Director of Franchise Development, talks with Holly about her experiences and what it was like going through the Right at Home process to become a franchise owner.

She will admit sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, and at other times, it seems like it was 100 years ago. Holly graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in occupational therapy. She worked 28 years in the therapy world, from staff therapist to rehab manager, up to regional manager and to vice president of operations. Her passion has always been seniors or adults with disability.

Holly’s experience in operations helped her understand profit margins, how to solve problems, and work with varieties of admin, facilities, line staff, etc. In addition, it helped her understand Medicare, Medicare rules, resources for durable medical equipment, and how to get her clients as many resources as possible.

Holly decided to start her business with Right at Home because Medicare had gone through a lot of changes, then add in the pandemic. Holly added they had been providing home care for her grandparents for five years and got familiar with this wonderful support of skilled services. As they became more involved with in-home therapy because of the pandemic, she met some non-medical owners of different franchises and the conversations made her realize she was tired of sitting behind a computer and managing numbers. She wanted to really be able to make a difference in people’s lives. Holly started to research different franchises and Right at Home had all of the values and support she wanted.

Holly admits she doesn’t really have a typical day. With only having opened eight months ago, there are a lot of balls in the air. Typically, her first call of the day is to her office manager to see if there are any fires. If she needs to fill in a shift, she will. If everything is good, then Holly will typically have marketing calls, events, and try to build relationships with referrals. Holly is involved in hiring and positions needed, and financials. So everyday is a bit different.

Right at Home really set up their support with them from the very beginning, i.e., with legal assistance, a RightStart Coach, walking through state regulations. Holly said, “If I need a question answered and my RightStart Coach can’t answer it, he’ll tell me who I need to contact, or help me contact them.” Right at Home also provides an online marketing specialist (OMS) to help me create my social media page and website. “My OMS was absolutely fabulous in assisting with what we needed to do.” Holly added.

When asked what advice Holly would pass along to prospective franchisees, she noted, “Have a passion for this industry… a passion for Right at Home’s mission, which is to improve the quality of lives we serve. Communicate with all your clients and their families, and relationship-building with your referrals is a huge part of it. Have a never-ending work ethic, and be able to jump in, and relate to what your caregivers go through every day, as well.”

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