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Description: Purchasing her first two Right at Home franchises in 2014, Jeanine Gagliano now has five territories. Her main office is in Farmingdale, New York, which is on Long Island. Jessica Cornelius, Director of Franchise Development  @Right at Home, talks with Jeanine about her experiences in working with Right at Home, the process, and support she receives from Corporate.

Before purchasing the franchise, Jeanine was a television commercial producer on a freelance basis, which allowed her the freedom to control her own schedule. Her husband, Tony, was a trader, first on Wall Street and then managerial at a large bank.

Jeanine and Tony’s careers were doing well, but it was time consuming and a lot of work to make a profit for someone else and sell somebody else’s product and services. They had reached a point where they felt their lives weren’t their own. The home care industry was attractive to them, especially because they have grandparents. They started researching franchises and came across a few corporations, but chose Right at Home.

Jeanine said Right at Home was the right decision for them. They could see the support that would be in their future, and the business was very well organized. There was somebody there to dissect all the moving parts, i.e., marketing, website, legislative issues, state regulations, all the nuts and bolts of the business. Jeanine adds, “We really like the system, and they seemed very invested in us, more so then the other competitors.”

They decided to expand when the third territory became available, and it’s location just made sense. With the additional two, they were just looking for one additional territory, but purchased from a previous owner who had the two available.

At the beginning, Jeanine had her hands in everything, every caregiver, every case. Jeanine commented, “It’s like a baby; it needs to be fed. You are wide eyed and excited, and then it takes off. The caregivers are your employees; the clients are your clients. They both need to feel satisfied. Now I am more of a manager. I do get involved when needed, but am able to have a first line of defense and manage from my office.”

Jeanine notes that Right at Home kept their promise. The coach and the support received were integral to their success. They are always there, very communicative, transparent, and definitely invested in their franchisees. Their hearts are in the right place.

From when Jeanine was born, Nanny lived with her mother and for as long as her mother could take care of her, but eventual went to a nursing home. I would have loved for her to stay at home, but it wasn’t my decision. Tony’s grandmother lived until 101 with a live-in aide in her home. So, Jeanine has seen the different perspectives on in-home care, especially visiting Tony’s grandmother and her own. It was two different worlds. She is a strong believer in having help to make the time you spend with your loved one meaningful during their final years. If you have an extra set of hands, your time can be quality time with them.

Jeanine’s advice to prospective franchise owners would be to research your state’s regulations. Check your labor laws. It is very important to have an understanding with home care so you can make an informed decision. 

Ask if she would make the decision again to be a Right at Home franchise owner, Jeanine absolutely would. She stated, ” It’s not all rainbows, sunshine and glitter everyday, but the goal was to work for ourselves. And we know if we work harder and harder, we can do better. It has afforded us the control we sought.”

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