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Brooke Fredericks was an auditor before deciding she wanted to start her own company. She was looking at a lot of different kinds of businesses, but her family had a background in healthcare which Brooke was interested in. In this episode of Meet the Family, listen as Brooke talks with Jessica Cornelius, Franchise Development Director at Right at Home, about why she chose Right at Home and her experiences starting her own franchise.

Previous Background 

Brooke Fredericks is the Owner and Managing Director of Right at Home in Southern Oregon. She has one territory and was founded in 2011

Making the Decision

With a background as an auditor, Brooke had worked with a lot of different companies. She wanted to get away from working on a computer all day and decided she really wanted to work with people more and help them. She dreamed of starting her own business, so she worked with a franchise consultant, who had her look at various opportunities and businesses. Her mother and grandmother were both nurses, and they also helped people. Brooke had learned a lot from them. Along the way, Brooke decided she really liked the idea of Right at Home and would be good at it.

Choosing Right at Home

Brooke spoke with Right at Home and had many conversations. The team she was working with was very nice and supportive. She felt confident she would get the support needed as she started the business. Brooke knew that Right at Home was a thought leader in the industry, and that would help set her business apart in her community.

A Typical Day

Brooke notes that in the beginning, she was pulled in many directions, and there was not a typical day. She had one person in the office that answered the phones, and she was out marketing the business. When a new client call came in, she would rush back into the office, get all the information, and then go assess the client. There were so many challenges, such as building the office staff. Now a typical day is a little more predictable. The morning begins with looking through emails and what my calendar has for the day. Go into the office, and we have a stand-up meeting with the office staff about what’s going on and do problem-solving with clients and/or caregiver issues. I might go out and visit a client for particular reasons, and manage phone calls as I know about a lot of the resources in the community. I may have lunch or touch base with referral sources. Usually, after the staff leaves for the day, Brooke may handle some administrative tasks or work in QuickBooks.

Support from Right at Home 

It was no surprise to Brooke’s family that she wanted to own her business. She received great support from her husband and her children. And, of course, Right at Home was there to provide support, as well. Brooke noted that being in the performance group, with access to other owners was great. The group talked about what they were doing well, and their challenges and offered suggestions. Her performance coach was helpful from the very beginning. They had worked with many other owners so they’d heard or seen it all. The performance coaches know what works and what doesn’t.

Advice to a Prospective Franchisee

Follow the Right at Home formula. Believe in it and trust it. Hundreds of other owners had gone through the processes. Right at Home knows what works, so just believe in the system and follow it. If you do that, it works.

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