Starting Off Right with Right at Home | 1.24.23

Duration: 32m 52s

Description: Learn more about Right at Home’s Right Start onboarding process with Shannon Mitchell, Director of Operational Excellence, and Jennifer Chaney, VP of Franchise Development. They discuss the steps taken from the moment a prospective franchisee signs the franchise agreement to the time the doors are open for business, as well as the milestones in between.

Background – Shannon Mitchell, @RightatHomeCare , has been with Right at Home for ten years, and helps franchise owners operate better businesses everyday. Shannon works with a team of project managers responsible for helping new franchise owners from the moment they sign the franchise agreement to getting the first client. 

Signing the Agreement – After you sign the franchise agreement, you will be assigned a core project team that will serve you throughout the onboarding process. The team consists of a project manager, Online Marketing Specialist, Business Technology Specialist, Learning/Development Training Specialist, State Licensure Specialist, and Business Performance Coach. Right at Home has dozens of Subject Matter Experts (SME) that are also integrated into the onboarding plan. 

The Plan – Right at Home will work with you in establishing a plan which is broken down into manageable chunks. We account for licensing, hiring, office equipment, etc. First task will be working through establishing compliant operations. You’ll cover what services you can provide and at what level. It will be followed up with education, specific resources or templates that reinforce all of the information. You’ll also cover licensure, labor regulations, and items like business insurance, office space, and key operating software. Then you will be ready for Residence Week for training and additional education in Omaha. 09:20

Execution of The Plan – Right at Home has a process in place to get you open for business, and guides you through the process. The franchise owner has to execute the task and to-do’s. We are here to support the franchise owner and let them know when to do an item. It’s a partnership. Right at Home will provide the learning, training and resources that allow you, the franchisee, to efficiently and effectively execute the tasks. 

Timeline – Onboarding can typically last anywhere from 4-5 months, but it all depends on the state licensure requirements and the sense of urgency in opening your business. Your Development Director will also be able to let you know if you live in a state that has licensure or not. Those states do take additional time as you need to apply and obtain your license prior to opening. The timeframe varies from state to state, but your licensure SME will have research on the timeline and it will be included in onboarding schedule. Your licensure SME will also review your license application to make sure that you didn’t miss anything or have to resubmit that application, as well. 

Open for Business – This means that you are able to care for clients. In essence, you have an office space, caregiver, and are actually able to provide care. 

Interaction with Project Manager – Typically in formal call once a week, but that doesn’t include text messages or emails. And you will also have SME calls as tolerated to allow you to meet your open goals. 

Training – Training starts the moment you sign the franchise agreement. With every single milestone, every SME call, and every interaction leading up to Residence Week, you will be learning all of the administrative things like operating QuickBooks, using your operating software, setting up your website, finding office space, so that when it comes time for Residence week, you can focus on going to market, recruiting caregivers, hiring office staff, putting your business out into the world.

Residence Week – In-person training in Omaha that focuses on what do you need to do to execute this business every day, i.e., learning the client journey, talking to a client on the phone, consultation tips, onboarding them, retaining them, getting referrals. You look at what templates you use for recruitment ads, job postings, etc.

Open for Business – You are back from Residence Week, what’s next? You’ll begin working with your business performance coach about the lifecycle of your business. Website is launched, and you finalize your documents, sales packets, and start meeting, selling, and recruiting. 

Integration Schedule – Now that you’re open, we will set up education and training around your “firsts” – payroll, billing, reconciliation, online review, bad online review, CEU webinar. Also provided is refresher training or legacy training.

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