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Right at Home is an active supporter to franchisees, providing owners with Business Performance Coaches to make sure their questions are answered. With thorough training, the use of our proprietary dashboard, branded marketing tools, and franchise networking opportunities, Right at Home wants to ensure you hit your goals. Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development talks with Emily Endajon, VP of Strategic Operations.  Emily’s team helps drive the franchisee experience. Her department exists to help franchisees be the most profitable they can and provide resources for the franchisees. She works alongside the business performance coaches, as well as the operational excellence and compliance team. Emily has been with Right at Home for nine years. 

The following is a summary of their discussion of how Right at Home supports and helps your franchise succeed:

What is the role of the performance coach and how do they work with our franchise owners?

As soon as a franchisee opens their doors, they would transition from a project manager to a business performance coach. Right at Home corporate currently has seven coaches, each geographically based on a region within the United States. Each of the coaches brings a unique skill set to the team and is there to be your central touchpoint to the SME’s from the Centers of Excellence at Right at Home. Along with monthly coaching calls, they host peer-to-peer calls, providing the opportunity to network with fellow franchisees.

Is there a tool the Performance Coaches and Franchise Owners use as the baseline for their calls?

Right at Home has a proprietary dashboard, RightFocus, that all franchisees have access allowing them to see high-level key performance indicators about areas of their business: supply, demand, operations, quality, and market share. The Coach and Franchise Owner set their goals together. Based on the metrics, you can go in and look at the playbook, or find a toolkit that you can use.

Can you provide more info on the Performance Coach – how often do they visit, can owners talk more than what is scheduled, and does it cost extra?

In the beginning, you may be making weekly calls, but as a general rule, it’s every month. Tenured owners might have quarterly check-ins. There is no cost to the franchise owner.

Will the Performance Coach work directly with my office staff?

The coach is available to support you and your team in any capacity but would like to understand what role you as the owner are going to play.

Do my Performance Coaches make on-site visits?

The coaches love to be on-site at a minimum of every 18 months. At on-site visits, they want to meet the office staff, feel the culture, make sure the team knows the depth of resources and tools available, and shadow them in the market. The Coaches will go through goals in advance, so the franchisee will know the outcome of the visit. 

How long does the office visit typically last?

It can vary depending on the agenda and outcome, typically anywhere from 1-3 days. There is no cost to the franchisee.

Do owners help other owners?

Absolutely, you will find the most value in this franchisee family. There are also Performance Groups, which are boards of directors that serve throughout our franchise network, focused on driving accountability between their peer groups to increase cash flow and profitability. They meet once a quarter and open up their income statements, and P&L, set annual goals, and discuss the state of their businesses, burning issues, and ideas on new things.

Can you tell us about Home Improvement?

Home Improvement is Right at Home’s annual meeting, which provides an opportunity for you and key office staff to network, meet your peers, and learn more about the business. There are breakout sessions, and tracks dedicated to each role in the office.

How do franchise owners stay up to date on Corporate items affecting their office? How is that information accessed?

Right at Home has an intranet or Hub, that is a central repository of information, announcements, and key resources/toolkits. The Hub is broken down by the Centers of Excellence, go to the library, under employee experience, and see all the toolkits for recruitment and retention. Weekly newsletters recap key announcements and highlight what’s to come in the next week or two. Upcoming webinars are available for registration. Monthly Corporate hosts a town hall meeting, with a featured panelist. There is a Strategic Leadership Council, which is a 12-member board of franchisees.

Why does a franchise owner need to stay engaged with corporate?

Staying engaged with your coach will save you time, effort, and energy by pointing out tools, templates, and resources. Corporate also wants franchise owners to interact with other franchisees, so they can learn from their peers.

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