Supporting Franchisee Success: After the Doors are Open | 02.22.23

Supporting Franchise Success after the Doors are Open

Right at Home supports franchisees before their doors open and continues supporting them after they open for business. Emily Undajon, VP of Strategic Operations, and Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, discuss supporting franchisee success after the business is open and operating. Listen as Jen Chaney and Emily Undajon discuss aspects of how Right at Home provides support to franchise owners after the doors are open. They discuss the project plan, onboarding team, RightStart, where to find budget recommendations, proprietary dashboard available to franchise owners, as well as how franchisees interact with other owners and coaches.
Learn how we set our franchisees up to thrive within the Right at Home system.

Why Franchise With Right at Home – Owner Testimonials

Maeghan Scott Franchise Owner

Review owner testimonials from a few of our Right at Home franchisees. They answer the question “Why Franchise with Right at Home?” Our franchise owners talk about the support, training, and networking with other franchise owners.
Listen to a few owners as they provide their thoughts on franchising with Right at Home.

Supporting Franchisee Success | 10.25.22

Right at Home is an active supporter to Franchisees, providing owners with Business Performance Coaches to make sure their questions are answered. With thorough training, use of our proprietary dashboard, branded marketing tools and franchise networking opportunities, Right at Home wants to ensure you hit your goals. Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development talks with Emily Endajon, VP of Strategic Operations.  Emily’s team helps drive the franchisee experience. Her department exists to help franchisees be the most profitable they can and provide resources for the franchisees. She works alongside the business performance coaches, as well as the operational excellence and compliance team. Emily has been with Right at Home for nine years. 
Learn how we set our franchisees up to thrive within the Right at Home system.