Jobin Mathai - Why I selected Right at Home

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Jobin Mathai recently became a Right at Home franchisee, and we wanted to know why he decided to become a member of the Right at Home network. 


Jobin Mathai is a Right at Home franchise owner from Dallas and owns two territories.

Previously in the restaurant industry for about 23 years, he had a passion for serving, as well as some other personal experiences that helped him make the decision to look into purchasing a senior care franchise.

What was the Research Process Like for You?

Mathai did a lot of research on Right at Home. He received access to many valuable videos, case studies, and links and was able to talk with other potential franchisees. With the entire Right at Home corporate team there to support and guide him, Jobin is sure he will have a very successful franchise.

What are You hoping to Achieve as a Right at Home Franchisee?

Jobin added, “I look forward to serving… serving a community, serving our clients, and building a great team that we’re able to grow. And, of course, leaving a legacy for our kids as well.”

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