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An opportunity to sell his business presented itself very quickly, and it was a very good deal. So, Doug Ashe retired from his 30+ career in purchasing distressed assets. He was grateful he could retire at an early age. Then, after a couple of years at home, he realized he was not prepared for retirement. He was bored and needed to find something else to do. Listen to Doug’s story as he talks with Jessica Cornelius, Franchise Development Director, about purchasing his own Right at Home franchises, as well as his experiences along the way. 

Previous Background 

Doug Ashe owns three Right at Home territories in the Pittsburgh market. One of the territories he purchased from Right at Home, and the other two he purchased from another franchisee. Jessica Cornelius is Franchise Development Director at Right at Home in Omaha.

Making the Decision

Doug’s mother had been an Alzheimer’s patient for the last 10 years of her life. He had seen what she went through and wanted to do something meaningful, so he steered his new search toward the in-home care space.

A Typical Day

Doug explained that when you first get started, you are just trying to get your legs under you. He started calling on the major players in the industry as potential referral sources. With a background in institutional relationship management, that’s where he was most comfortable. He nurtured those relationships, and over time they’ve been very reliable for his business. Doug said, “Once they understood that we were able to mirror those cultural values that they have, we became largely accepted.”

Support from Right at Home 

Feeling a little embarrassed, Doug admits he did not take advantage of the support offered. He says if he could turn the clock back, he would have been much more engaged in those support mechanisms. He says he believes his business would have been further faster if he had used all the resources available. He now treats Right at Home Corporate as his board of advisors, identifying subject matter experts, and tapping into each of those experts.

Advice to a Prospective Franchisee

Doug recommends that you have to decide whether this business is right for you. He knew why he wanted to be in it because he was looking for a business that would provide a sense of fulfillment. After a whole lot of review, he was able to throw his heart over the wall and say there’s no turning back; this is what I’m going to do. When you have a tough day, and you reflect back on it, forget that one situation that had you upset. You have another 73 people today that are better off having been in their lives. He adds that what’s really amazing is whenever you have a client that passes, then engages with the family, you really begin to hear the difference that your organization was able to make in that person’s life.

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