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Sandra Bullock has been a Right at Home franchise owner in Lima, Ohio, for the past seven years. In this Meet the Family series, listen to her discuss how she got started in business and what she feels is the most valuable support she is provided as a Right at Home franchisee.

Getting Started With Right at Home

Sandra was a registered nurse working as a nurse, and then for the last four years in home health development and hospice for about ten years before purchasing her franchise. Working in the home health area really inspired her to become a Right at Home owner.

Choosing Right at Home

There were many reasons Sandra picked Right at Home. They had been in business for a long time and had experience in home health care. Right at Home’s responsiveness and professionalism to me as a prospective franchisee was a big part of the reason.

A Typical Day

Sandra said her typical day has changed so much since she opened the franchise. The franchise was a new location startup, so there were 60 to 80-hour work weeks in the beginning. She performed a lot of different duties, from marketing, recruiting, and training, to hiring new caregivers and forming relationships with clients. Now, seven years later, she works about 20 hours a week and one day a week in the office. The five administrative staff run the day-to-day office. Sandra comments the office is now serving veterans and works with the elderly and adults with developmental disabilities. With six vehicles, they transport people all over the state of Ohio to medical appointments daily.

Most Valuable Support from Right at Home

Sandra values the relationships she has with other Right at Home owners, especially those in her own state. She connects with those owners as they have to follow the same laws and roles. She has also been asked to be part of a performance group, which would share new and creative ideas for running the business.

Advice to Prospective Franchisees

Getting clients and business will come. Don’t worry about it. When it comes, it will come quickly. Focus on providing a quality service to people, monitor your staff, and make visits to your client’s homes. Clients appreciate it when the owner shows up with their staff, and appreciate you stopping by. Take care of the people to whom you’re providing services and who provide your services.

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