Supporting Franchisee Success: After the Doors are Open | 02.22.23

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Right at Home supports franchisees before their doors open and continues supporting them after they open for business. Emily Undajon, VP of Strategic Operations, and Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, discuss supporting franchisee success after the business is open and operating. 

Project Plan 

Once you’ve been welcomed into the Right at Home family, your dedicated project manager will develop a project plan with milestones to help you get your office operational. We will guide you on who to hire, when, and what roles to focus on. The Plan helps everyone stay on track.

The Onboarding Team

This consists of two dedicated project managers with franchising experience and is overseen by the Director of Operational Excellence. The team will bring in Subject Matter Experts (SME) specific to each milestone, i.e, the employee experience team to talk about caregiver recruitment and retention and the healthcare regulatory team to discuss licensing, etc. 

RightStart Onboarding Plan 

To support franchisee success, Right at Home provides an operational plan in Smartsheet, where milestones are mapped out with the projected open date. The franchisor helps you keep on task for the grand opening date, walking you through every opportunity. They will help you get signage, set up your office, get the right furniture, and help you decide whether to lease or purchase your space. Weekly Check-ins, coaching, training opportunities, and follow-up are included.

Office Space Reference materials are provided that walk through what is needed to know about sourcing your office space. We help with your digital, online, and Google presence, so you’ll be found… geographically and with your SEO strategy.

Resell Support to New Owners 

In a resale, the owner will get their support directly from the Business Performance Coach, who is their go-to for all questions. For owners purchasing new territories, they work with their project manager for approximately six months, then transition to a business performance coach.

Budget Recommendations

Right at Home utilizes software where trend reports can be pulled specific to your region or other peer groups across the network. Article 7 in the FDD provides a categorized breakdown of startup costs.

Additional Fees for Support

No additional fees or costs are associated with the support you receive after you sign your franchise agreement. 

RightFocus Dashboard

This dashboard is dedicated to your office and provides the four key components of the business model supply. It provides metrics about your caregiver applicant pipeline, benchmarks are made based on your goals, and indicate if you need to put extra effort or attention into an area. Metrics are available on the supply and demand sides of the business.

Interaction with Coaches and Franchise Owners

You may be talking with your business performance coach every day or every other day, then eventually progressing to just a monthly check-in, meeting you where your progress is at. As far as the franchisee community, Right at Home wants to connect you with another franchisee in the network, to learn from their experiences and ideate and build neighboring relations.

Comparative Data

Right at Home has reporting software where you can see the top 25 percentile on the revenue side, as well as the top 25 client and/or caregiver satisfaction offices to compare yourself. 16:11 Shadowing Local Franchise Business – As part of the onboarding plan, you will shadow an existing franchisee in the market.


Right at Home provides a training library through HomeCare Pulse for care teams, office, and staff, offering the right CERT training, as well. Under standard training, the owner plus two office staff are allowed to attend. Additional cost is incurred for staff over two. There is a one-week training session called Residence Week held in Omaha, additional training for franchisees through our online platform, as well as recorded webinar opportunities. 

What is Franchise Owner Success?

 A thriving franchisee is engaged in their franchise community, performance groups, and strategic leadership council. They are coachable by peers, accountable to their team, and resourceful. 

Legacy Owners

Right at Home has almost a dozen franchisees that have passed their businesses to their kids. We support them with training and all the support other franchisees receive. 

Advice to Franchise Owners

Emily suggested franchise owners follow the plan. Right at Home has many years of experience, and is a well-established brand, and it will help you launch successfully. 

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