Why Franchise With Right at Home – Owner Testimonials

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Description: Review owner testimonials from a few of our Right at Home franchisees. They answer the question “Why Franchise with Right at Home?” Our franchise owners talk about the support, training, and networking with other franchise owners. 

Peter Snelling: The benefits of being a Right at Home franchisee is Right at Home offers and affords you an incredible support mechanism for the new franchisee or business owner. Many business owners in their startup businesses don’t have the tools and resources available to be successful. Right at Home franchise takes care of that by providing you with a RightStart program that delivers on those fundamental basics that every new business owner needs.

Maeghan Scott: I feel the benefit of franchising is the support we get from the system and from the corporate office. When I took over this business, I was a little bit afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself, but I’ve never had to do it by myself. I always have the support of everyone at corporate and the great training and resources to help me along the way. 

Paul Blom: I’ve been a Right at Home franchisee for 21 years. And during that time, I have worked side by side with owners of other franchise systems. And I would say that Right at Home provides the highest level of support and provides a community that is supported nationally and internationally that I haven’t seen with other franchise systems. 

Jeremy Starkel: I feel the benefit of franchising is really getting that extra level of support. Those resources from Right at Home corporate has been fantastic for Kristen and I to really hit the ground running. You know, we wanted a recipe of success already developed so we could use our skills and our passion for wanting to go into home care and really hit the ground running. 

Chris Campbell: The real value is having other people with expertise in the business you’re trying to start, short of starting your own business. But with the support of a franchise, you’re not doing it alone. You’re not going to make a lot of the mistakes that you would make doing it by yourself without the support and knowledge that the franchise brings to the franchisee because they’ve done it before. As opposed to if I tried to start this 17 years ago by myself, I can tell you any number of mistakes I would have made. But with a franchise like Right at Home and having people like Joe and Kevin, my neighbors, and even Denise, now the support is hugely beneficial but also financially advantageous. I didn’t go down those roads and make those mistakes that would have cost me money, cost me time, cost me the ability to grow. All those things are things I avoided because of the value of the franchise.

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