Executive Update with Margaret Haynes | 5.2.23

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This executive update covers highlights of the annual Home Improvement conference held for global franchise owners and international master licensees. Margaret Haynes, CEO of Right at Home, and Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, recap some of the top takeaways from the event. This year’s Home Improvement, held in Orlando, was the largest annual meeting Right at Home has had in its history. The following is a summary of the discussion:

What is Home Improvement and why do franchisees want to attend?

Home Improvement is the annual conference where Right at Home’s global network comes together. Its franchise owners and some staff members in the US, but also international master licensees from six other countries, where they gather, share best practices and build new relationships. Attendees learn new ways to use systems, tools, and processes, and also talk about where we are going as a network. Strategy, mission, and remembering why we’re in this business are exciting topics. 

Solution Rooms

Solution rooms are created based on how long the franchisee has been running their business. There is also a solution room created specifically for office staff to discuss what challenges they are facing. Everyone in the room brainstorms best practices for the challenge or tries to figure out a way to work through it. There are many sessions around caregivers, recruitment, and retention. We constantly want to think about how to get caregivers to be associated with the Right at Home brand in their local market and fulfill the mission of providing quality care to the clients you want to serve.

Why can’t you be an absentee owner right out of the gate?

When you first purchase a Right at Home franchise, you cannot be an absentee owner. Right at Home is a relationship business, and when you’re first getting started it is important the owner be out in the community explaining why they got into the business. This is a very personal business, making an incredible impact on the client needing assistance, as well as their family members who rely on you to be their eyes and ears. It’s important to build the culture within your business and set a solid foundation for the business to grow.

What are the biggest challenges a new owner faces?

Right at Home will never say it’s easy to be a franchise owner. The biggest challenge is understanding the industry. The majority of owners don’t come from a home care background so they need to learn the lingo, learn about home care, and become comfortable with the business model. Right at Home will be by your side and start helping you learn once you sign on, providing a coach, and a RightStart manager to help you through the process. There is online education and weeklong onsite training in Omaha. Franchisees also will shadow an existing office, so you get an idea of the day-to-day life. Your coach will stay with you the entire time you’re associated with the Right at Home brand. Corporate had subject matter experts organized around key elements of the business. Our goal is to give you guidance so you can build a sustainable, profitable business.

The most rewarding part of being a Right at Home franchise owner

Being part of a brand that is so connected to a purpose is very rewarding. Right at Home talks a lot with our owners about why they wanted to become a Right at Home franchise owner, our team wants them to remember their why, because the why gives you inspiration and excitement. On challenging days, your why grounds you and gives you the energy to say tomorrow’s a new day.

What are the characteristics of a thriving Right at Home franchise owner?

Our most successful franchise owners are the ones that are absolutely engaged in the entire network. They are passionate about their why; they are in it for the right reasons. Successful franchise owners are always willing to learn, adapt, change, and adopt new approaches. The mindset is knowing this business isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Our franchisees stay engaged and can learn from other tenured owners at our conferences or performance group sessions. 

New Innovations

Right at Home has actually made innovation a part of its strategic plan. We recognize innovation is going to be more and more important in the upcoming years with the caregiver shortage, and we’ve got to find ways to bring value to the client or the client’s family that isn’t always dependent on a caregiver. We’ve carved out a specific team and invested in resources to develop innovation around the business model and around technology. Examples include med reminders and remote check-ins, as well as call handling. Our company-owned locations are our test kitchens.

Main areas of focus for the future

Our three-year strategy is to focus on network growth, identifying and retaining great care workers, introducing new innovations, and expanding our company footprint all to improve care quality and operational discipline.

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