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Dawn Drazdys, Chief Marketing Officer at @RightatHomeCare, talks with Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, about Right at Home Corporate’s assistance in marketing your business once your franchise opens its doors.  Right at Home helps and supports franchisees market to clients, caregivers, and referral resources.

Intro to the Brand Fund

Right at Home Corporate marketing creates national marketing materials for franchisee brand awareness using the brand fund. The Brand Fund is paid for with a 2% royalty and any activity must be inclusive to all franchisees. National materials created have two goals: Awareness and Lead Generation. The focus is on getting clients, recruiting caregivers, and referral sources.

Brand Fund Spending 

Corporate will buy national television, a huge awareness medium that covers all the market areas. However, on our national buy, local markets within the territory zip codes may also receive pay-per-click, which is hyperlocal, as well as Social and Site Retargeting, to acquire leads.

Local Marketing & Advertising

The Brand fund is not able to support everyone’s local efforts, so Right at Home does have an incremental spending program with our agency. So when corporate is not running nationally, our agency will help you buy local television or pay-per-click. Local franchisees can do incremental spending and contribute monthly to drive their own leads. Corporate doesn’t really dictate how you spend your local advertising. When opening, you will need signage, brochures, and other things needed to get the business running. But as you grow, you may want to consider focusing on referral sources or hiring a salesperson. We encourage local franchisees to use 2% out of their pocket locally. 

Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) Supervision 

The SLC is made up of elected franchise owners who work with Corporate. They do review data on how well the marketing has performed with the various tactics. 

Online Marketing Specialists (OMS) 

An OMS is the franchisee’s conduit to their website. They set up the local franchise website based on the national site, but content is localized to what information the franchisee wants public, i.e., pricing, jobs available, services, licensure, etc. Corporate’s goal is to continually optimize the site, ensuring no broken links, images and videos are optimized, and SEO is working properly. Each month, the OMS will reach out with an initiative. It could be featuring your VA program or the local Alzheimer’s Association on the website. They also help you learn how to do local social media. The OMS team performs routine maintenance on the site, so franchisees do not have to worry about being a developer.

Social Media

From a Brand Fund perspective, social media is used for prospecting, site retargeting, and promoting Continuing Education Unit webinars. The CEU webinars target referral sources. With incremental spending, we recommend starting with pay-per-click and then move into social media where you can get leads, especially caregiver leads. We handle that from a national perspective. The agency works with you on incremental spending from an organic side (non-paid). Our social media specialists will help you set up a Facebook page, posting 3x a week, but encourage you to post your own local content 2x a week. You can also share on your Instagram page, as well as LinkedIn. Most owners want to run their own LinkedIn page. Right at Home Corporate also does a lot with YouTube nationally. Consider your OMS as your social media coach. They will help you start to learn what your keywords are and what to put in your posts.

Marketing a New Franchise 

When a franchise first starts, it will receive a kit that contains initial brochures and stationery. You work with a team to get signage and style guidelines to help you get your doors open. Franchisees get access to our digital asset manager, which has all the brand program creative. There are also programs with to get the leads start flowing. We also work with a PR company to get you to press if you want to do an open house or have a ribbon cutting. For hiring caregivers, there are third-party relationships, and we are testing a pilot program for CNAs.

Future Marketing 

As far as future marketing, the big focus is on organic marketing. For 3rd & 4th quarters, our focus will be YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and our Online Marketing Specialists are charging ahead with optimization. 

Franchise Voice on Marketing 

The Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) is comprised of elected owners by region. So each region has a person they can contact to address concerns or ask questions. There are also task forces within the SLC. The marketing task force meets monthly and reviews Corporate’s marketing recommendations. The SLC and the Marketing team all look at the numbers, see if it works, and come to a consensus each year. 


If you are considering a franchise with Right at Home, you are buying into a brand with almost 30 years of solid brand reputation and a solid brand affinity.


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