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At 45 years of age, Karine Alquier decided to do something she enjoyed. Karine purchased two Right at Home franchise territories in the Plantation, Florida area just about a year ago in April 2022.  As a Right at Home franchise owner, she did not have any healthcare experience, but she did have over 20 years of business experience as a financial director, accounting controller, and then wealth manager. 


As a wealth manager, Karine was helping her clients with other things than their money like their computers and their children’s paperwork, and she was enjoying bringing her help to people and becoming a part of their families. Also, Karine’s parents had been nurses, so she thought taking care of people might just be in her DNA. She has also been a caregiver for her grandparents and POA for her disabled uncle. 

Moving into the US from France

The process to become a franchisee was much more complicated as she needed to have an E2 Visa (investors visa) from when they signed with Right at Home. Karine noted you have to show that your business is fully ready to operate before you can apply for this visa. 

Process for Visa Application

Karine had applied to be a franchise owner with another senior care industry as an E2 Visa holder but felt that the franchisor was not so welcoming become she was not an American. She chose Right at Home as they were very welcoming, transparent, and helpful throughout the process. Karine also said it’s very important to have caregiving in your heart. As you will deal with fragile people every day, and it’s a very regulated industry.

Then you need to find a lawyer or immigration attorney to help you throughout the process. Karine is very organized, and there are many documents you need to fill out before you’re able to make the visa application. The Paris French embassy’s timeframe for an appointment will take some time, so remember that you will need to have the business ready to operate by that date. You will need your business plan, office location, and insurance. The next challenge is to get your licensure for companion care and personal care. Karine received her E2Visa in August 2022, Companion Care in Sept., and Personal Care in Dec. Licensure is different in every state.

A Typical Day

A typical day as a Right at Home franchise owner started when they became operational in January 2023.  Karine said you first have to find your caregivers.  Then you need to start marketing and introduce yourself to referral sources. Job descriptions need to be created, set up the Applicant Tracking System, and gather documents. Make sure you pay attention to your caregivers, show respect, help them, provide them with the right tools, and make sure they are happy at work. Karine also met with hospitals, case managers, physician’s offices, and assisted living facilities.

Once your marketing becomes efficient, the phone starts ringing, and you’ll have prospective customers that you need to convert into clients. Home assessments will need to be done. You also have to have all the processes in place for payment from the client to your staff for payroll.

The Decision

Karine said, “It’s been a real pleasure for me to be a part of the Right at Home family. I will never regret my decision to choose between two franchisors. I listened to my heart.” Karine asked herself, “Will you be able to work with those people to be passionate about it to enjoy working with them?” If the answer is yes, you’ll love Right at Home.

Prospective Franchisee Advice

When asked to provide some advice for prospective franchise owners, Karine noted, don’t get into this industry unless you are passionate about it. Also, not every franchise system is the same, so dive into the processes, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to make sure you get the answer to the question. Your customers won’t want to work with you unless they feel you’re somebody caring.

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