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Peter Gahagan’s background was in owning some other small family-owned businesses, which include a family-oriented cemetery monument company and a construction-oriented company, as well. He really didn’t have any franchise experience.  When he started looking into selecting a franchise, Peter realized that the Right at Home franchise model had benefits he never thought about before. He currently is purchasing an existing Right at Home franchise that has two territories in North Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What was the Research Process like for You?

“With the franchise model, help is available from the corporate level. There’s a partnership that I value more as I get older than what I did when I was younger, ” noted Gahagan. Purchasing an existing Right at Home was the direction he wanted to take. But he had to have an understanding of the existing business. Gahagan had to do his due diligence. He had to research the details of the business he was buying, but also understand what the corporate side offered, the types of services, processes, costs, and how they assist the franchise owners

What Are You Trying to Achieve as a Right at Home Franchisee?

Peter is looking forward to serving his community and partnering with different entities within the local area. He believes Right at Home is a sustainable, long-term company with growth potential.

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