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Sandra Chiles selected and now owns one Right at Home franchise territory in the southern sector of Fort Worth, Texas. Before buying her franchise, she had worked at Home Box Office in sales and marketing for 30 years. She retired early to open a landscaping company with her husband. But later got divorced and wanted to do something that was her own. 

What was the Research Process like for You?

Sandra wanted her own company, her own business. A good friend, who needed help with her mom’s healthcare, did the initial research and found Right at Home. Sandra said her friend called her and thought Right at Home may be something she would be interested in. So Sandra dug in and did some more research, watched various videos on the web, talked to several franchisees in the area, and with franchise development from Right at Home’s corporate office. They were all invaluable resources. Sandra added that she got the feeling that Right at Home was committed to providing exceptional service and support to their client base, but all in supporting the franchisees by making sure they get the proper foundation to build a business. “If you don’t have a strong foundation, you’re not going to be able to build a successful business,” noted Chiles. “I just felt comfortable that this was something that if I worked hard, corporate would be there to support me and answer questions to guide me. That’s what you really need as a new franchisee.” 

What Are You Trying to Achieve as a Right at Home Franchisee?

There were two areas that Sandra was looking to accomplish. She wanted to build a successful business where they deliver a quality product to their clients, She said, “This could be accomplished by providing caregivers that are well-trained, dependable, reliable, caring, and loving. Really extend our Right at Home family to caregivers, as well as all of our clients.” Secondly, Sandra wanted to build a business as a legacy for her grandchildren, so that years from now they would have an opportunity to decide if this was something that they may want to pursue.

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