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The initial process of educating yourself and proceeding through the approval process is an essential step towards owning a Right at Home franchise. Listen as Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, Chuck Prentner, and Jessica Cornelius, both Development Directors, discuss the research process and milestones a prospective franchisee at Right at Home must complete ensuring values and expectations are aligned before a franchise agreement is signed after Discovery Day.

The Inquiry

Once a prospective franchise owner requests information from the Right at Home website or any of our other various portals, they will receive a text message and also an email with a convenient link to schedule a call with either Chuck or Jessica, Franchise Development Directors.

The Initial Call 

This is a 20-minute high-level conversation about you, your background, your family, and your goals for owning a business. This is a shared evaluation process. This call covers the expectations on what is going to be happening for the next 30-60 days. We may cover why are you looking for a franchise system, why is this important to you, and how is your family going to be involved. At the end of the initial call, we will determine if it makes sense to set up future calls that get into a lot more detail.

Personal Profile Review 

If the initial call goes well, Right at Home will send an email with a link to complete our Personal Profile. It usually takes 5-45 minutes to complete and provides a deeper dive into your interests in business ownership, i.e., work history, education, and financial snapshot. A call will be scheduled with your Development Director to review the personal profile, where you will also discuss if you plan on having a business partner or spouse involved and if can you meet our minimum requirements. Right at Home wants to make sure you will be satisfied in this business. This business is much work, but for the right person, there is no better business out there.

Business Overview

After you’ve completed the personal profile review, your Director of Franchise Development will schedule a two-hour business overview presentation. This call is where the prospective franchisee finds out all about Right at Home. We cover the history, the home care industry, what we do, how we get clients and caregivers, layers of support and training, pillars of knowledge, and everything we’re able to offer to a franchisee. We want to make sure the spouse is involved in this call.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review

We will also review all 23 items in the FDD with you as it’s very important to make sure you have a good understanding of that document to make an informed decision.


This process gets you ready to talk with other owners. You’ll be provided an entire directory of all owners in the system, some recommended questions, and the requirement for you to talk to at least three owners. We invite you to have meaningful conversations with them to get a better idea of what life as a Right at Home franchise owner is really like. We want to set realistic expectations for the people considering being franchise owners. This could be the most informative and helpful portion of the process, as the owners have all gone through this same process. If you are looking for a certain kind of franchise owner, ask Jessica or Chuck to help provide you with a name. 

Invitation to Discovery Day

So you’ve completed the validation call, and now is the invite to the discovery day call. The prospective franchisee has had the opportunity to speak with Chuck or Jessica up to this point. But Jen Chaney, VP of Franchise Development, really wants to make sure you are ready to become a franchise owner, so she will conduct this call with you. If you are still on the fence and still have questions, Jen may have you do some additional due diligence to make sure this is the right fit for you. If the phone call goes well, you’ll be invited to a virtual discovery day. 

Discovery Day

This is your opportunity to meet with the entire leadership team and subject matter experts for a virtual full day. You may receive a copy of the franchise agreement before discovery day so you can review it prior. The leadership team and staff attending will have had the opportunity to read your bio packet of information in advance to learn about you before this event. Hopefully, the Monday following discovery day, you’ll receive a call approving you to become a franchise owner for a brand new territory. The expectation is then to sign the franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee the week after discovery day.

Agreement Execution

Once the agreement is signed, the next 30-60 days are spent on training, establishing your office, and planning for your grand opening.


March 21, 2023 – 2:00 – 2:30 CDT

Caregiver Recruitment & Retention

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