What is the Research Checklist?

September 2, 2019Podcast, Research Process

Speaker: Eric Little | Chief Development Officer Duration: 7m 45s Description: In this podcast, Eric Little, CDO at Right at Home, discusses why this checklist exists, and how you should utilize it during your research process.

The Insider’s Perspective: Five Pointers to Help Prospective Franchisees Evaluate Potential Franchisors

February 24, 2014Articles, Research Process

Determining the strength, character and potential of long-term success of a franchisor can be difficult for prospective franchisees who are searching for the right franchise. I’ve been in and around franchising for most of my career. During that time, I’ve been very fortunate to learn a lot about the “industry” of franchising. Passing along helpful … Read More

Owning a Business is a Path, Not a Destination

September 25, 2013Articles, Research Process

By: Eric Little, Vice President of Franchise Development for Right at Home Too often, prospective business owners view owning a business as a destination instead of a path. They say their goal is to own a business, and for some perhaps that’s true. But for most, owning a business simply represents the path that will … Read More

Five Mistakes to Avoid when Selecting a Territory

September 4, 2013Articles, Research Process

By Eric Little, Chief Development Officer at Right at Home  Similar to choosing a home for your family, a decision like selecting a territory for your Right at Home franchise can cause emotions to run high. After all, the territory you choose is the place you put your stake in the ground and venture into … Read More

Five Facts about Franchise Agreements

June 18, 2013Articles, Research Process

Let me paint a picture for you. You’ve been thinking about owning a business for quite some time. You’ve engaged with a franchisor, maybe even Right at Home, and you’ve gotten really excited about the business after talking with representatives at the corporate office, as well as the franchisees. You’re thinking you might actually take … Read More